How CLEARRAY™ works

The CLEARRAYTM Water Purification System uses UV-C light, a natural part of the electromagnetic energy spectrum generated by the sun, to disinfect water.
UV-C light effectively modifies the DNA of waterborne pathogens to stop their reproduction. The system is a natural process that adds no byproducts or chemicals to the water.  UV-C light is a proven and reliable water disinfectant used in consumer products and commercial industries, such as industrial and municipal water treatment plants, medical facilities, food and beverage production and aquaculture.
Unlike alternative water purification methods used for disinfecting hot tub water, such as ozone or salt systems that create gas or chemical additives,
the CLEARRAYTM system simply exposes water to UV-C light after filtration and then returns the disinfected water to the hot tub.


** Shown in laboratory tests.





What is UV-C Light?

  • A natural part of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy generated by the sun
  • Effevctively interacts with DNA of bacteria and viruses; destroying their ability to reproduce
  • Is a natrual process that adds no by-products to your water and requires no chemicals
  • Is not generating ozone